Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tunes Tuesday Linky! - Claim your song and skill now!

So I decided to go through with the linky party for Tunes Tuesday! I know I'd LOVE it if a bunch of people linked up. Can you imagine? What if 36 people link up with 36 songs and 36 skills? That's a whole year of Tunes Tuesdays for all of us! Maybe it's ambitious, but I hope we get close. It'd be great if my fellow bloggers could spread the word. Feel free to grab the linky button and explain what's going on to your readers!

What is Tunes Tuesday? (My new readers may be asking!) It's simple! Just choose a grammar skill and pair it with a popular (or classic!) song (with clean lyrics!) that has examples of that skill in the lyrics. Copy and paste the lyrics into a document, and ask the kiddos to highlight the examples throughout the lyric sheet. I like to play the music video (clean version obvs!) for the kids while they work. It takes just a few minutes, but the kids beg for it every week! Music + boring grammar skill + highlighters = Fun grammar lesson! Click my tag, "Tunes Tuesday" to find past posts about this that have a few freebies to reference and use!

In order to avoid crossing over and repeating songs and skills, this linky will have two parts. 

Part One - This week:

The first part is to click this link and go to the google spreadsheet and sign up for your chosen song and skill. Please try your best not to do the same skill or song that someone else has already chosen! The more skills we cover the better, right? And the bigger variety of songs, the better!

Part Two - Next week:

The second part is when we actually link up our blog posts that contain our Tunes Tuesday lyric sheets! That will occur on Tuesday, July 16th! So come back here then to link up your post! Then advertise away so more teachers can discover the linky party!

Don't have a blog? - I'll feature your freebie lyric sheet along with the one I'll be doing right here on my blog! Just sign up for a song and skill, then send me the link to your download!

This is my first attempt at something like this, so I hope we can make this linky successful. I love the idea of collaborating and spreading the work and everyone benefitting! (And there just might be something extra in it from me for everyone who links up on the 16th!)


  1. I don't have one to add, but I am so excited about this! :) Cool idea.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. What a GREAT idea! I use songs to teach grammar skills often, so this is right up my alley! Looking forward to linking up and to finding new songs/skills to use. Thanks for organizing this, Nick!

    Joy in the Journey

  3. We don't teach grammar through music, but we do teach different reading strategies through music! It is a WONDERFUL tool!! :) Great idea for a linky!

    Miss R's Room

  4. LOVE THIS! I added a category for a link to a video too...hope that is okay!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. LOVE this idea! And you posted on my birthday! Woot toot! Obviously, we use songs to teach all the time and have an entire library of material up this alley. We also have music vids for many of our songs and know which tunes work the best for what. Seems kind of un to use a radio song when we have songs specifically written for students performed by them on cute videos and also have music tracks by students themselves. Is it okay to link up with a tune/video of our own ? Just let us know. Thanks!


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