Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Planning Giveaway from I'm Lovin Lit!

 My contribution to this awesome "everybody wins" giveaway are my Telling Time and Elapsed Time I have, who has cards. This is actually two different games! 

I like to use these cards in small groups. I have the kids divvy up the cards and then play through the game as one of the rotations in my math workshop. Of course I have, who has can be play whole group as well!

The cards feature vintage looking pocket watches and clear numbers. The hour hands are positioned realistically where they should be between the numbers, not pointing directly at the number. If you have a math workshop going on in your room then you are probably like me and can always use another independent activity to add to your repertoire. I hope these help!

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So, without further's my word for the hunt!

If you enjoy my time cards, you should check out one of the coolest items in my store, imho. 

This is 31 days of 2-digit addition practice by using a "March Madness" style tournament of monster fights!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy all of the great products at the end of the blog hop!

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