Friday, July 19, 2013

New Planner, a new Freebie, and a PA Meet-up!

Many teachers have bragged on their Erin Condren planners before, so I finally went and watched the video a while back. 

I typically type basic versions of my lesson plans up in a word document template that I made so that I can e-mail them to the various support staff I work with. I've found that this is super helpful to them and me. I don't have to remember to tell all of the resource teachers about changes in the schedule, and they know what we're learning about! I think it especially helps the resource teachers and paras who come into my room and co-teach with me.

I even bought a new pack of
Flair pens to write in it with!
These are my favorite teacher pens.
But my typed version is a simple one-page "basic gist" kind of schedule. I almost always start with a more detailed handwritten copy, so I figured I'd be able to use the planning pages. But what I need most are the multiple calendars and one place to store all of my scheduling stuff. I end up with it in 18 places and it's a pain. Especially the next school year when I'm trying to remember what exactly it was I taught LAST September! I'm really hoping my new planner will help with that. If nothing else, it's really pretty, right?!

So, I'm linking up with two pretty sweet linkies in one shot today!

So, I saw this cute pin about punctuation marks having a conversation on pinterest, but there was no source for image... If you know the source, let me know in a comment! I decided to make myself a printable version to post in my classroom, and since I'd already done the work I figured someone else might want it too! I added the little quotation guys at the end, but they can be left off easily to make it like the original pin if you prefer. If you follow my TpT store then you may have already gotten your copy! If not...shame on you, but still be sure to check it out in my TpT store as my newest freebie! If you like it, I'd love positive feedback!
Click this image to download my printable version for free!
A date to write in my new planner! YES!
I was so jealous of the GA bloggers who are having a meet up right after I left GA, but then I found out that we're having one here! Hooray! If you're a PA blogger (or nearby!) and can make it for lunch, sign up by clicking the button! 

Killer B is even overcoming her anti-social tendencies and will be coming along with me! Can't wait to meet everyone!


  1. Thank you for the freebie! It is so much fun! I can't wait to use it.

    Crofts' Classroom

  2. I love your freebie! (I got the exact same planner. Love it!)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. LOL! Love the freebie! Thanks for sharing! My kiddos love this kind of humor!

  4. What a fun freebie! Love the punctuation humor. :)
    I'm a fan of Flair pens too.

    I'll see you at the Meet Up!
    Read With Me ABC

  5. Your punctuation marks are super cute. Thank you for sharing this freebie


  6. I just moved from the central PA area - so sad to leave my teaching position there. Love your blog - following now!


  7. Just found you via your comment @ "i teach. whats your superpower?" Glad I found your blog & ideas.I love your punctuation freebie; thanks so much!

  8. Thank you for the freebie! Awesome resource.

  9. I ordered flair pens at the end of the year and a planner yesterday! :) I'm excited for them!! As I've been at summer school, I've seen our teacher's lounge FULL of boxes with all our requisition stuff and I just can't wait to get mine! Our secretary doesn't start back for 2 weeks, so it'll be a while...which is okay!

  10. Hi Nick! Thank you for linking up. I really love the freebie you have here! I think the kids will get a total kick out of it :) I am your newest follower and would love to see some of your other ideas at the School-Week-Linky. The planner looks great - hope you enjoy using it this year :)
    The Teacher’s Chair
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