Thursday, June 13, 2013

It really is that good...

I was super excited to see this box waiting for me when I got home. And inside, was something I've been eagerly awaiting. You guessed it, one of the pencil sharpeners from Classroom Friendly Supplies

I know a lot of people have heard of these sharpeners before, but just in case you don't own one should! It might seem kind of crazy to get excited over a pencil sharpener, but once you've used one of these you'll understand. The sharpener is crazy easy to use, and gets the pencils nice and sharp. The sharpener kind of lets you know when it's done sharpening by easing up and it won't let you keep grinding away at the pencil. Finally a solution to kids sharpening their pencils down to little nubs!

I'm really impressed with the metal body of it, how sturdy it feels, and the nice bright color. I had a decent sharpener in my old classroom that I'm leaving behind, but this one puts it to shame. 
I will more than likely buy another for my students to use, and one for my personal use. The website has a deal when you buy 3, so I'll probably go that route and have a nice gift for a fellow teacher or a future student teacher! The site takes school purchase orders too!

In other news, all of the 100 Follower Giveaway winners and runners-up have been notified and have started receiving their prizes! Congrats! I'm a third of the way to 200 now! Wow! 


  1. oh man, now I might have to go get one.
    We are such nerds when it comes to school supplies.

    Nice work with your 100 follower giveaway


  2. Thanks!

    And I seriously can't imagine buying a different sharpener now. It's hard to express how much this one rocks. Better than an electric sharpener in every way. And I'm definitely a school supply nerd. :)

  3. So glad I found your blog! Next year I'll be teaching a 3rd/4th multi-age classroom.

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