Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Brand New Look, a Vacation, AND a Monday Made it!

So, I'm super excited to reveal my brand new look! Thanks a bunch to Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs! I think it looks great, and definitely has a sense of masculinity to it, but still says "I'm an elementary school teacher."

Some people already stopped by yesterday and saw the change, but I couldn't post (despite my excitement) because right now I'm sitting in a swanky hotel room in the River Street Inn on the Savannah River. 

Killer B CAN smile sometimes!
Savannah is a great city (the most haunted city in America, btw.) It's downtown area is pretty large, and most of the buildings are old and full of character. You can walk, and walk and not see everything. Killer B and I actually might just retire to one of the nearby GA coastal islands one day far, far away. 

We've been to Savannah several times before, and one of our favorite things to do here is letterbox. Letterboxing is a hobby where people hide hand-carved rubber stamps and logbooks in little boxes all over the world...then people go out and find them and stamp their own little hand-carved "sig stamp" into the logbook, and the box stamp into their own book. Then you put everything back for the next person. Lots of people have heard of letterboxing's grandchild, geocaching. This is different because there's no technology involved, just handwritten clues, and letterboxing actually began in England over 200 years ago! 

It's a great way to be crafty, go hiking, and discover new people and places all in one great hobby! Killer B and I have been doing it together since we were dating (over 6 years!) If it sounds interesting to you, check out the main website people use to post clues and record finds, atlasquest.com.

Anyway, we forgot all of our supplies way up in PA! So my "Monday Made it" is this brand new temporary sig stamp for Killer B and I! I carved it tonight while listening to a street musician playing his sax below our balcony. Cute, right?!

We still have a couple more days here in town, then we'll be moving our vacation out to Tybee Island until Sunday. That'll be a nice change of pace, and the good news is it'll be much easier to stick to my diet out there where all the best food is seafood. The "eh, we're on vacation!" excuse can only work for so long after all!

Anyway, thanks for letting me indulge in some vacation talk! I'll be back soon with some actual teaching related stuff soon! I couldn't resist bring along Teach like a Pirate, and of course my trusty laptop so I can follow all 145 blogs I read. (One thing about bloglovin'...it makes you realize how bad your addiction is when you do that import from Google reader!)


  1. Love the new look! It totally fits your personality I have come to know from Blogworld! :) And my addiction must be worse because I follow around 500 blogs... ;)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. How fun! I live in GA by the way...I love Savannah. I have not been to Tybee Island (that's next on my list) but I love St. Simons and Jekyll Island. We usually camp in our camper and I don't think that Tybee has a campground (which is why we haven't been there). If you see a campground, let me know... ;O)

    Have fun! I love the idea of letterboxing! Very cool!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. I LOVE your new design!! Megan does awesome work. :o) Letterboxing sounds so fun!! How do you know where to go? Where are the clues?
    ideas by jivey
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  4. Your blog design looks great! Enjoy the rest of your vacation...I'm off to check out letterboxing!


    Life in Room 24

  5. Your new look is great! The letterboxing sounds like fun, and your stamp is so much fun!

    Fifth in the Middle

  6. Love the new look, it does say masculine teacher : )

  7. Love your new look, it's great! Megan does fabulous work! Hope you're enjoying vacation :)

    Read With Me ABC


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