Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Math Workshop Linky

I know, I know...two blog posts in one day! Sorry, but I just had to link up to this Math Workshop Games linky from Ideas by Jivey!

I love teaching math through the workshop model. In my school we split the kids into groups based on a lot of factors, one of which is learning style. I am lucky to teach the group who learn best through games, handson activities, and interactive math journals!

I've come up with several games this year that I have available on my TpT store for the low, low price of just $1.00. I hope you'll check them out! Each picture will take you to that product on my store.

This is the game board I use for my comparing decimals dice game. The kids love it, and the same game basics can be used for adding or subtracting decimals as well!
Comparing fractions can be even more challenging than decimals! 
My kids like playing this dice game that has them make fractions and then compare them.

I use these greater than, less than, equal to cards for just about every skill I teach. Comparing units of measure, time, fractions, money, etc. This game is very versatile and can even be done as a grab bag type of review activity. I often play the game for 10 questions and keep track of the number each kid gets correct by passing out a multi-link cube (or discreet tally marks on a chart). The number of cubes (or tallies) will equal their grade percentage. Easy way to take assess the kids quickly without having to take another test!

This game is just great practice for finding an unknown value in an addition or subtraction equation. Practice with variables and finding unknowns is something my 5th graders have needed lately!

This game is a fun way to practice the concept of Mean, Median, Mode and Range when given a set of numbers. The kids play four rounds, one round focuses on each of the skills. My kids had a blast playing this just the other day!

I hope you'll check out my products on my TpT store, and take the time to look at all the other great ideas on the linky!


  1. I love the mean, median, mode game...that is always a concept my kiddos need review on!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

    1. Thanks! The other day one of my kids said, "It's so MEAN that we can't just call it the average!" I'm not sure if she wasn't being funny or not!

      Sometimes even I need to think for a second to remember what mode means...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Sorry-typo in the last comment.
      What I wanted to say was-I always have my students chant "mode-most" about 10 times...after that it seems to stick.


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