Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Snow Day and Let's Get Acquainted

So, here it is 9:30 in the morning and I'm in my PJs lounging in my oversized chair sipping coffee, beginning another marathon of Scrubs on Netflix and writing a blog post...when I should be dissecting earthworms with my kiddos.

And I'd rather be dissecting the earthworms!

These snow days (and this snow in general) are really starting to get to me. Not only is my school year pushed one more day back into June, but another day before our big state tests has been stolen away. And I've been dying to continue our reading of Wonder. (The things the kids have been writing about it in their family message journals are awesome by the way!) Not to mention that this Wednesday and Thursday are Parent Conferences (which I still need to prepare for) and Friday and next Monday are days off of school already. So tomorrow will be our only day of school with students all week. Aargh!

Anyway, I'm linking up to Flying into First Grade's "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky.

This week is the Noun Game! So, without further ado:

Person: My Wife, or as I like to call her, Killer B!

I mean, who else would I pick?! She's my best friend and constant companion. No one else has the ability to make me as happy as she does.

Yes, her shirt says "I hate everything," and that's about right. :)
Place: Savannah, Ga/Tybee Island, GA

My wife and I have been married for 5 years and I think we've taken 7 vacations to Savannah together. Admittedly, I sometimes vote for vacationing somewhere else and then we end up going to Savannah because Killer B likes it so much there, but I have to admit I really do love it there too. Our families live in GA (where we both grew up), so it makes it easy to stop by Savannah while visiting them in the summer. I think one day we'll probably end up retiring to one of Georgia's coastal islands! Well, assuming our pensions aren't taken away before then.  ; P

Thing: Comic Books

I have been reading comic books since I was in elementary school. I used to sell candy to other kids in school to make money to buy them! Believe it or not I have read every and I do mean every (there are literally thousands) appearance of Spider-Man in a comic book. It's one of my claim to fames. I still read a ton of comics to this day. And I have a pretty decent collection of age appropriate graphic novels in my classroom library, which the kids love!

Animal: I suppose I should say my two German Shepherds...

But, considering the sable one on the left there just left his toy on the stairs yesterday, which I then tripped on, leading me to fall face first down the stairs knocking my head into a coffee table and seeing stars for about two minutes...

I'm gonna go with something else. My wife and I have always liked barred owls, and we've actually seen a lot of them together in the wild while hiking. They've become kind of like a symbol for us. 

In other news, I spent some time on Sunday trying my hand at making some digital paper/backgrounds. I actually think I did a pretty good job! I was impressed with myself considering I no longer have photoshop on my computer. I made these using GIMP. I've added all 20 to my TpT store for $4. Check them out!

Well, time to go adjust my lesson plans and try to somehow squeeze three days into one! 


  1. Snow day here, too! Although it's supposed to be my first day of Spring Break. I want to get back to reading Wonder with my class. Hope they're missing it as much as I am!

    HokIe Teach

    1. I'm bummed (and so were the kids!) that we have to wait til Tuesday to get to read more of Wonder. Parent Conferences and then in-service days are keeping the kids out until then.

  2. It is snowing here as well, although I am on break like Donna. Good luck with fitting all your plans in, I know how much work that can be!

  3. Snow...brrr. No thanks. I was born and raised in Connecticut and I don't miss the snow one bit. I can see it in the Sierras on my drive to work. That's close enough for me! After reading your post, I think I'm going to have to go check out Wonder. I think it will be my book for spring break. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I've just joined the ranks of your followers.

    1. Thanks for following! Definitely make it your Spring Break book! You're likely to finish it in no time because you won't be able to put it down!

  4. Hi Nick!
    I am loving your blog! There is a lot of great info here :)

    I know how you feel about having to give back days--we had to give back 3 days of our February break due to Hurricane Sandy! Good luck preparing for your state tests :)

    teaching,life,and everything in between


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