Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spark Student Motivation with Food and Tech!

So, thanks to all of the crazy winter weather we've had lately this past week was our first full 5 day week since December! Isn't that insane?! Keeping the kids engaged and motivated for a whole week when they're used to only sporadically coming to school is tough!  ;)  So I'm linking up with Joanne over at Head Over Heels for Teaching for her Spark Motivation Saturdays linky!

Luckily we had a lot of interesting things going on this week to help keep them engaged! 

Early in the week we finished our unit of study on Japan with a Japanese Foods Taste Testing! I went to a local Asian Market and bought a variety of Japanese snacks for the kids to taste. I was surprised by how many of them they actually enjoyed. I purposefully bought a few that wouldn't normally appeal to American kids' the green tea mochi pictured here!

Nothing motivates students like science experiments! My partner intern came and led the kids in a science experiment where they tested out different sized parachutes to try and understand drag. I think the kids will need a little more instruction, but they did enjoy making hypotheses and carrying out the experiment!

Using technology is always a big motivator too! It just so happened that I was going to be paid a visit by my superintendent and the school board on Friday, and they were coming expressly to see how technology is being used in the district! To compliment my students' current understanding of what we've been learning in our "Air, Aviation, and Weather" unit of study, I had my kids exploring several websites and doing a webquest that I created. I went ahead and added it to my store for anyone else who is interested for just a buck! I found it funny that when I rang the bell to signify that it was time for us to put the computers away the kids could hardly believe the entire science block was over. Technology really sucks them in!

Go check out some of the other ways to keep kids motivated! And be sure to stop by later this week for some details on my great big one year blogiversary giveaway! Woohoo!


  1. Green tea mochi candy is my obsession! Love the stuff. So glad {and kinda surprised} the kids liked it too.

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. My husband came back from Japan recently and brought a bunch of Royce chocolate since I loved what he brought me last time. Two of the boxes were green tea chocolate, and I couldn't even swallow the first piece. Clearly, my palate is too picky when it comes to candy. I'll just stick to sushi ;)

  3. It always amazes me when teachers are petrified to use technology in the classroom. Technology IS such a fabulous motivator and the possibilities are truly endless with the world at your fingertips. I've never tried green tea mochi. I will need to check this out!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I love that you brought in some food samples for students to get a real "taste" of Japan. I agree with you about technology. Students are highly motivated when we use it, especially when we find a new way to integrate it.

    Thank you!
    Fit to be Fourth

  5. I'm so glad that science lesson went so well for you! Way to knock it out of the park!
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  6. I'm POSITIVE the superintendent was super impressed with you! I couldn't agree more about both of your motivators! I try to incorporate some edible activity once a week if possible, and science and technology? A win-win! Thanks for sharing and linking up Nick!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  7. Food and technology in one week? It doesn't get any better than that :) My kiddos love Webquests - and it really helps to develop their research skills in a structured way (my students are (understandably) easily distracted and overwhelmed by a Google search).

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! I'm not sure what you're planning, but if you're looking for people to donate to a giveaway, let me know! I'd love to help out :)

    Joy in the Journey


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