Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year's Resolution Progress?

This year I decided to keep it simple with my New Year's Resolutions. I wanted them to be attainable, and something I could stick to pretty easily. 

The first was to blog at least twice a month. I've found that the craziness of the school year really puts a crimp in my blogging style! Haha. I find myself wanting to blog about more things than I end up making time for. Blogging is important to me, and I want to make sure that it remains a priority. I think I can do it!

The second was more personal. I've found myself snoring a bit more, and that basically translates to me putting the pounds back on that I successfully lost over the summer! Once again, a priority has gone to the wayside to make more time for teaching. This one is a little trickier...but I decided the most realistic thing I could do right now is to walk more!

The good news? I found a way to gamify it! It's an app called "The Walk," I love stories and games, so finding this app has been a really cool way to motivate me to keep walking. Basically, the more you walk, the more of the story you unlock! I was skeptical at first as to how good the story would be, but it is actually really entertaining!

Without ruining the story, you are basically tasked with delivering a world-saving device to the other end of England. An EMP has gone off, and you are forced to walk to make the delivery. By the end of the app you will have walked the entire length of England. Every few minutes of walking, you unlock another one to two minutes of audio story. Pretty cool, huh? 

So far it has been working well for me. I look forward to getting a chance to walk so that I can find out what happens next!

Now that we are a couple weeks into the new year, how are your resolutions coming?


  1. That app sounds pretty fun! I need to work on taking off some pounds, too...

  2. Wow, that app sounds awesome! I listen to books in my car when I drive to school, and sometimes I can't wait to get back in my car to hear the story...that MIGHT just work as a way to get me walking...when the weather warms up a bit! Thanks for sharing!


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