Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vacation time, 150th post, and three $1 deals!

The Sapelo Island lighhouse!
So, we've made it down for our annual trip to GA - just a 13 hour drive - and I have finally recovered from the driving part! Aside from visiting family, we'll also be spending a few days in Savannah and a few days on Sapelo Island. I'm excited to go to Sapelo, because it's one of those places off the coast of GA where there are no street lights, no businesses really, it's not a tourist destination, and you have to take a ferry to get to it!

So in honor of my vacation, the end of the month, and this being my 150th post I've decided to put three of my products up as dollar deals for the rest of the month! Summer is a great time to create, so hopefully these will help with that! The sale ends at the stroke of midnight on July 1st, so grab them while you can! Just $1 each! Get all three and save $5!


 I'll be chiming in again soon with another Back from the Archive post! See you then!

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