Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tried it Tuesday - Raw Rhubarb and Cursive Writing!

So, just a quick post for Tried It Tuesday with my BBB Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper! Though some of these are cheats because I didn't try them all for the first time recently. But they were new for my kiddos at least!
The first is raw rhubarb! We read "My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother" this week in class, and if you've read the story then you know that at one point the siblings have a raw rhubarb eating contest. Well, I (much like Ricky in the story) don't LIKE raw rhubarb, I LOVE IT and snack on it often. In fact, I grow a ton of it in my garden each year! It's a perennial and I don't think I could kill off the three plants I have going if I wanted to actually... 

So, with free access to mountains of rhubarb, (more than even I can eat) and a story that mentions it, I thought it'd be a great time to bring some in for the kids to do their own little "Tried it Tuesday." I wish I could post the picture I took of their mouths puckering when we counted down from 3 and all took a big bite at the same time. One kid comedically fell out of his chair when he ate his. Hahaha.

So, my second tried it is Cursive Handwriting! I introduced our practice books this week as part of morning work. I won this fun and cute booklet in a giveaway! It's from Funky Fresh Firsties, click the link to find it in her store! I've never had to worry about cursive before this year! When I taught primary they were too young, and when I taught 5th they'd already learned it. Now that I'm in 3rd/4th I am supposed to be in charge of it...well my cursive stinks! 

Of course that's assuming my kids can tear
themselves away from their Book of Awesome
Tasks long enough to focus on cursive!
And I'm not sure how I feel yet about cursive. I think that I am going to require my kids to learn how to READ cursive, and to sign their name. I don't want to spend class time teaching it... 

I have provided each child with the cursive handwriting practice book, and I will hold little cursive writing teaching/practice sessions as an option during indoor recess days for the kids that want to do that though.

I'm just throwing these in here because a couple of
people have asked what the books look like when
they're constructed. Lots of fun!
I will admit that cursive is something the kids want to do. That's why I love doing it during indoor recess (it rains and snows here a lot!) because usually a third of the class is quietly engaged doing that rather than getting out of control and stir crazy! How do you feel about cursive?

And PS, find the Book of Awesome Tasks in my store for five measly clams! Book 2 is in the works!


  1. Wow - I HONESTLY thought that raw rhubarb was poisonous. My grandparents used to have tons of it growing in their garden, and we used to have apple and rhubarb crumble, and pie, and other deserts ALL the time - BUT they told me that it was poisonous unless it was cooked!! Not sure if I'm going to be able to get their comments out of my head enough to try it...
    The E-Z Class

  2. I am pretty fortunate that cursive is introduced in 2nd (very little) and then taught in 3rd. When they come to 4th, our whole team requires it for homework and writing short or extended responses. Students can take notes in print or cursive. We started the year with a cursive morning work packet and with the exception of just a couple students, they are doing a great job! I have Peterson Cursive Word cards above my board and this helps a lot. We were trained with the Step Up to Writing philosophy and the view that cursive allows the students to write faster (it truly does once it is learned) and that, in turn, allows their ideas to flow better when writing. Think about how much faster you can think than write. Anyway, that is just my two cents BUT I have never had to teach it from scratch and honestly don't know how or if I could make time for it. That would be a dilemma! Thanks for linking up BBB! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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