Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mentor Text - Ish for overcoming anxiety in writing

 I'm linking up for Collaboration Cuties' Mentor Text Linky with a great book for helping kids overcome anxiety in writing.

I know a lot of teachers have read Peter Reynolds' The Dot, but I'm not sure if Ish has gained the same number of followers. It's one of his three "creatrilogy" books. (The other is great too, Sky Color.)

Basically, it is the story of a boy who loves to draw until his older brother discourages him. But his little sister comes along and gives him confidence and helps him see his art in a new light. Before you know it, he is applying this new attitude to his writing.

I like the fact that this book is really short, but has a powerful message. It's perfect for a writer's workshop mini-lesson on overcoming discouragement and anxiety about writing not being good enough. If you haven't read the book, you can find a very British reading of it here on youtube! 

Not to toot my own horn, but I think my "Book of Awesome Tasks" would pair up nicely with a reading of this book!

There are 45 opportunities for kids to get a little "ish" with their art and writing! And at just $5 for an infinite amount of copies, that's a steal!

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  1. I love Ish...and Peter Reynolds other books :) It's definitely in my plans for a Writer's Workshop mini-lesson!

  2. Ish is one of my favourites! Your Book of Awesome Tasks is already on my wish list. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Great choice Nick. You're right. I've seen Dot, but not Ish. I'll check it out. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners
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  4. Ish is new to me, but I do like Dot. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. I have had this book in my Amazon cart for, like, forever, just because I wasn't sure how I wanted to use it. I just thought it looked cute. Now you have given me a reason to buy it. I'm not sure if I should thank you for making me spend more money, but I WILL thank you for telling me how I could use it! ;O)

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  6. I love this book! It's great for helping students overcome the mentality that their work has to be absolutely perfect and encourages them to try new things. I also read this to my kinders to encourage them to sound out words the best they can and not worry about spelling every word exactly right.

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel

  7. What a great choice! So many fourth grade teachers have read The Dot the year before... so I started reading Ish last year as well! It's such a great book and a good alternative to The Dot :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    My Shoe String Life
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  8. I do love this book- but totally didn't get your title until I realized this was the book! LOL I thought it was the tame way of saying a cuss word. ;-)
    ideas by jivey
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  9. Love, Love, Love this book AND The Dot! That Book of Awesome Tasks looks pretty...well pretty awesome...too! I'll be adding it to my wishlist as well! :)
    Pinkadots Elementary

  10. I've seen Ish around, but never read it. Will definitely add it to my "Read Now..." list! And I'm just like Jivey, I thought you were cleaning up another! I guess that's the suspicious middle school teacher in me! :-)

    Surviving Sixth Grade

  11. I've heard of this book, but I have not read it. Thank you for the recommendation. Books of encouragement/perseverance are so great to read at the beginning of the year (or any time). It's always nice to have a new title. Ish is officially in my Amazon cart:)

    Thank you!


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